we had a date night.
just the two of us.
some blurry pictures. with no car seat in the back.

ellie stayed with grandma and grandpa for 2 whole hours. and i'm not going to lie... i got teary eyes a couple of times. michael would look at me and i would tear up. and i would say "i just miss her." but, then i realized michael wasn't having the same reaction... he wasn't having the same reaction because he's had to be away from her from the very beginning when he went back to work.  he has to leave her when she's all smiles in the morning and, up until recently, had to come home when she had her fussy time in the evening.  i started to feel so sorry for him.  she's growing out of the "cling to mom in the evenings and won't let ANYONE else hold her" stage.  it happened. anyway, we had a nice dinner without having to rush through because that also happened sometimes if we were afraid ellie was going to start fussing.  we talked. we laughed. we had fun.  ellie is 10 weeks old now and we've decided it's ok to have time for ourselves every now and then (it was still SUPER hard for me).  luckily, since i'm her food supply we can only be away for about a 2-3 hour stretch.  thank goodness.

also...... it's official.  my family is THE worst at taking pictures of ourselves.  we need a live-in photographer to take a group shot of the 3 of us. or, maybe we should invest in a tripod... either way.  proof:

i know what you're thinking.... that poor baby!!!


  1. I know the feeling! Ocean is going to stay overnight at her Grammie&Jimpaws tomorrow night and while I am eager to have this time with just Marc (and Luna) I almost dont want her to go. I feel like it will be harder on me than her! haha

  2. Haha I love those shots! They are too funny!

  3. Your family is adorable! I felt the same way about the pictures. BUT!! I found a Camera timer app. Its perfect for setting up my phone and running back for the shot. And actually kind of fun too!

  4. Awww, I'm glad you were able to get out and have a nice time! =] I'm the worst at taking pictures that way too. Someone's head is always bound to get cut off...haha

  5. girl, i'm just finding your blog and loving it! had to comment on this particular post for two reasons...one- i had that same outfit for my daughter too but she just grew out of it. so sad because it was one of my faves!
    and two--my daughter just turned 5 months and hubby and i still have not been out by ourselves yet. yikes! i've left her for a few hours here and there, but we haven't had a date since before she was born. i think we really need to get on that, lol.
    anyway, enjoying your blog! have a great night!