ellie showed off at her ped appointment yesterday.  she was all smiles and talking away.  she was loving her hands and showing off during tummy time.  then came the shots. oh, those 2 month shots.  that was not fun!  i surprised myself by tearing up a little bit when ellie was receiving her vaccinations.  that's not usually my "personality" BUT the girl was mad... like red in the face mad and there were tears.  thank goodness my mom was there to be with us!  i comforted her after, put her back in her car seat and she was out.  she took the longest nap ever and looked so sad the rest of the day.  she perked up for my mom while i was getting my eyes checked later in the day.  and this morning she was all smiles for her daddy, but she's been a bit clingy and not sleeping much today.... she's finally taking her first nap of the day right now!  she needs it.  and so do i.  sleeeepy momma here. i love ya girl, but i also need sleep sometimes.

um, i knew the darling was growing.  i just didn't realize how much.

poor thing. 

2 months
 Ellie Reese:
weight: 12 lbs 9 oz (90-95 %)
height: 22 1/4 inches (25-50%)
head: 41 cm (90-95 %)

see her newborn measurements here.


  1. I had a VERY similar experience as you did with my Luella's two months shots and we just went for her six months shots today and I can say with complete conviction that these were WAY easier then even the four month shots. :)

  2. I always cry when Piper gets shots :)