our weekend.

oh, weekends.... i kind of love you.  

my parents came to town. mom & i went thrifting and michael & dad trimmed our trees.

we had a lazy saturday morning.  complete with mcdonald's for breakfast.
i happen to really, really like mcdonald's breakfast.

we spent lots of time together after church on Sunday...ellie took the longest nap, ever.
it was kind of a blessing to us.

it was over 80 degrees yesterday. this week has highs of low 50's & 60's.
FALL WEATHER! a perfect fall treat is the chocolate drizzled popcorn. so. good.
and you are welcome. :)

i got new glasses and probably took too many pictures of myself.
sometimes ellie isn't a big fan of taking pictures. i love my little cupcake.

**sorry if you follow me on instagram and have to look at these all over again. ;)  i like to document them here, too so i have them in the future.


  1. Mcdonalds breakfast, brownies, and drizzled kettle corn?
    I think we have kindred palates.

    Also, cute glasses!

  2. what a lovely weekend! I love your socks. :)

  3. Oh my what is that kettle popcorn?! I can't tell. Is it chocolate kettle corn? I love your socks too.

  4. you're the cutest thing.. just sayin' :)