i mean... REALLY?


would you look at my baby?  i know i might be a tad bit biased.... but i just love her sweet little face to pieces.  i'm such a mom, too.  i sat there the whole time to make sure E didn't fall out of the chair.

we visited ANNA yesterday.  she just moved into the building that michael and i will always remember as our "first home" ... it was such a bittersweet feeling walking into that big brick building.  i miss it sometimes... the whole living downtown and being able to walk to eat, see a movie, or whatever.   but, i also love our home now.  it's spacious enough for us and we can see us raising our babies (yes, we want more soonish) in this house.  today i am beyond thankful for the roof over our head.

i am also so very thankful for anna (these threads of mine).  thank you sweet, sweet friend for all the times you've been there to capture precious times in my life.  if you live in the Springfield area... you should definitely have her take your picture.  she'll make you look pretty.  promise.  please go check out her blog.  you'll be smitten.  i used almost every picture she posted...because how can you choose?? 
also, thank you to my friend sarah (her sea of love) for the little headband.


  1. Your little girl is such a cutie! I can't wait until we're in the right financial situation to buy a house! I'd really like my daughter to have a little brother or sister in the future (not anytime soon though haha).

    Petit Monstree

  2. What a DOLL! Love the pictures!

  3. precious!! I love the new look!

  4. she is gorgeous! what a sweet girl :)

  5. Sweet pictures! I love the one of her standing on your lap facing the camera.

  6. what beautiful pictures. and you're rite she IS beautiful!! :)

    love you.


  7. These pictures are so great! And how exciting that you want to have another baby soonish! <3

  8. i love these pictures! your little lady is adorable...her cute little face makes me have baby fever eeeek!

    I'm a new follower :)