thankful thursday + friendships

so many things to be thankful for....
can you believe thanksgiving is a week away?
i love thanksgiving.

today i'm thankful for my days spent with e. and for friends... in real life friends and blogging friends that you finally get to meet. (HI aimee!)  i need to get better at making a point to call friends to hang out.  i've become a bit (ok, a lot) of a home-body lately.  i don't think it's just because of ellie because she's to the point where she does pretty good out and about.  i think this was just a season...  a good season, but one that i'm growing very tired of.  it's become real to me that some friendships in the past are no longer there... this is not necessarily a bad thing.  they will always be my "friend" but we're at such different places in life.  i'm changing and growing and finding that i'm longing for good, true friendships. michael and i have been talking a lot about this season we're in.  yes, we have friends (lots of friends), but we need to make more of an effort to grow friendships.  we get totally comfortable in spending our time as a family of three or with our immediate family (which is important to us). we don't really do much to connect with our friends.  i've been okay with that.  but... i realize that it's healthy for our relationship to have friendships that we can be real in... i wouldn't mind having friends that we can be home-bodies with...  friends that we can hang out with together, that we can have over for dinner and be a part of each others lives.  i need to invest time into this... not try to hang out with a different person every time we go out, but really put time into growing deeper friendships.  we're praying God gives us the right direction to move or stay (not location) in certain areas of our life.

a typical day for us...
drooling, playing, reading, naps and baths.

...lunch with the swifts...
...lunch with bryndi and eisley.


  1. I agree. The Lord has me spending more time investing in other womens lives and developing stronger and intimate relationships instead of just sticking to the SAME OL' people and everything. I can definitely go into homebody mode easily. Sadly I don't have enough time to do it anymore with a 40hour workweek but I definitely fantasize. lol Glad you are growing and maturing. THanks for sharing!

    P.S. I love the look of your blog!!


  2. I know just what you mean. Jake and I are in that same place. We have lots of great friends but we realize how important it is to find those few people you can really invest in.

    I think when you have a child and it becomes harder to make plans you have a tendency to just stay home. But then the few times you make the effort to hang with others you realize it really is worth it.

  3. I have been feeling very similarly and I don't even have a baby!
    I had the busiest semester of my life last spring between 5 classes, 2 of which were photo classes that I had to shoot and edit for on a weekly basis (couldn't overlap assignments because one was a film class and the other was digital), my office job about 20 hours a week, my own photography clients, and my responsibilities as a wife and at our church with the youth. I hardly ever got to spend time with my friends, then my husband spent the summer in CA (I'm in AZ) for an internship and because I couldn't leave my job for just 3 months I stayed here, so I was still busy with clients and the office as well as traveling to visit him every couple weeks. Then a month or so after he came back we moved. On top of that my husband's job here typically has him working nights and weekends so even if I am not busy he is unavailable when our couple friends get together to do something. It's been hard to deal with, feeling like I never see our friends. Even harder because come May when he graduates we may be moving to CA or somewhere else, and then we really won't be able to hang out with our couple friends!
    I'm trying to fit in as much time with our friends as possible and to keep up with them and let them know that even if we don't see them often they are still important to us and we want to be a part of their lives and have them be a part of ours.
    Good luck finding your balance! :) (p.s. sorry for the novel!)

  4. @che: hope you can find time! :)

    @stevie: let's talk soon..see you Sunday!

    @annie: distance can make things hard! hope things slow down for you... and hope you find great friends wherever you are!

    @l & me: i do too :)

  5. all of these images are just so beautiful and precious!! and i know what you mean, although i have no children, being a newly married couple still means finding good friends to share with!
    xo TJ

  6. I have no stories or words or advice, I just love this post. <3 I hope you find what you're looking for!

  7. "i wouldn't mind having friends that we can be home-bodies with... friends that we can hang out with together, that we can have over for dinner and be a part of each others lives."

    This is me! I have no friends in the area that I would call close- solely because I don't feel as though I can relate to them well. I would love to have some friends that are couples that we can be homebodies with- its a season for us that we can't do much about, but it will be new soon.

  8. Hey. What's that octopus thing you have on the bathtub? We have that same tub but I've never seen that octopus thing. Looks fun!

  9. Hey! Someday maybe we will get to spend more than just a lunch together. ;) You guys interested in a church plant....? :)