well yes, that is my husband letting our 6 month old baby play with a nerf gun.  no worries--i was keeping an eye on both my kids. ;)  and yes, that is my husband spider boy is hiding from.

don't you love giving a present that is loooooved?  i do. and let me tell you... my nephew absolutely loved his spidey get-up.  seriously.  he slept in it. he wanted to wear it to town to the donut shop.  and he was pretty stinking cute.  he went around the house singing/whistling the spider man song. oh and doing headstands and other spidey like moves.  he's a hoot.


  1. Your nephew is beyond adorable wearing his spiderman outfit! I can't help but think that if there was one in an adult size that my Guy would wear it 24/7! I love your blog.

  2. I love how theres a hidden spiderman in almost every picture. Haha! So fun!