We're getting ready to host a mini-super bowl party. Ellie is a great helper. ;) Will you be watching the game or just excited for all the appetizers and being with friends? I'm told we're rooting for the Giants.
Just wanted to remind you to enter the sweet little giveaway from my friend Aimee! We'll pick a winner Tuesday evening. :)


  1. oh, how i love you sweet friend!! Thanks for your sweet comment. I get bored with my blog often and I'm too cheap/poor to pay someone ;)

  2. Totally ate too much junk... :/
    But we had lots of fun with friends!
    Hope you did too! The fun with friends part anyway.
    Love your glasses!! So cute on you.
    ::sigh..we need to hang out. ;)

  3. so very cute and adorable! love that picture. Can't wait to have a little girl someday :). lord willing.