7 months old.

i'm planning on being back to blogging regularly within the next couple of weeks.  i really miss it and feel like i'm not "documenting" ellie growing very well.  don't worry, i've been taking tons of pictures still.

she's been scooting since right before 5 months. but, last night our little lady decided that was too slow for her and she got right up on her hands and knees and became a speed crawler. last week she started clapping for herself every time she sat up or when i say "yay, ellie" and she started sitting from any position on valentine's day.  it's crazy to be laying in bed and all of a sudden she just pops right up.  we're still co-sleeping (which works great for us) and haven't really talked about when we'll move her to her room.  elle is still nursing and it's going really well. we introduced solids at 6 months.  she loves drinking our water and reaches for any cup i have.  we have a baby bullet so i make her food and so far some favorites are sweet potatoes and apples.  she wasn't crazy about avocados or bananas. and two bottom teeth popped up on leap day. i cannot believe all that has happened in one short month.  she is so much fun!  

be back soon.


  1. She is absolutely adorable! I remember it was so exciting to see my baby nephew start crying....it is amazing to see them changing and growing.

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  2. aww, she's growing so fast! love it when they start scooting and crawling, though that just means one needs to watch them more closely. ;)

  3. Happy 7 months little sweetheart! She's getting so big, holy cow. I love your posts and always enjoy reading them :)

  4. HEY!! can't wait to see what you've been working on! and I love the font for your header right now. ellie is so cute! I love that baby stage.