we miss you, BLOG!

a little cheesy video from E and me. warning:  i say "hi" a lot!! i was showing her herself on photobooth yesterday and then decided to do this, so you can see my real sahm look. we both have stuffy noses AGAIN.  i think it's allergies.  i got a nosefrida and it worked wonders for her!

i'm getting things ready for a garage sale this weekend and getting my house put together... elle's room is currently being rearrange so there's nothing on the walls! i hope to be blogging on the regular next week  (regular meaning at least 3 times a week).

HOW ARE YOU, friends?

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  1. Doing good. Miss you guys, hope we can get together soon. Raeleigh LOVES watching videos of herself. Anytime she sees my phone, she knows I have videos of her on there and she says "I wanna watch Raeleigh!" LOL!