9 months.


well, she's nine months old.  little lady is quite the character and her smile makes my heart so happy.  she's a determined one.  her favorite things are tv remotes and her daddy's water bottle.  who needs other toys? ;)  she pulls up on everything and could spend a good 10 minutes looking out the open window in the dining room.  elle can imitate most noises we make with our mouth (think lip smacking, tongue clicking) and she thinks it's hilarious. she says "mommama" when she's upset and wants me.  so cute and so pitiful.  she waves hi to everyone...including her duck apparently.  (the photo was not staged.  she really stood there and waved at the duck. so fun!)


  1. Aww so cute! My son has that duckie. It is one of his favorite toys to chew on :)

    1. aw! rubber ducks are such a classic toy. if he's anything like elle then whatever gets in the hands goes in the mouth!!