HOTT + fabric


vintage sheets aren't hard to come by in springfield.  so i'm starting a little collection to make a picnic blanket kind of like this one.  rachel used to live here and found tons of sheets/fabric.  i'd LOVE to start making some clothes for elle and maybe even myself.  i plan to use the gingham fabric for matching head wraps for us... i know. so cool.  i would have let elle model on the sheet, but she's taking the best nap right now.  naturally i didn't want to get up after i laid down there.  she's a busy lady these days. here's to hoping this summer is filled with lots of picnics (with watermelon) and me learning how to finally use my sewing machine!


i'm linking up at the haps for HOTT!


  1. i really need to get to learning to sew!

    love your sandals.

    1. lydia... if you weren't moving to florida (hey, idea! we should come visit you there. ;)) then we could learn together.

      thanks i wear them way too much probably because my feet were too swollen for them last summer. gotta love target!

  2. super pretty sheets and you are gorgeous!!

    found you hh.. i linked up as well!!