elle's first show.

DSC01066DSC01083DSC01086DSC01087DSC01089DSC01092DSC01096we hung out downtown on friday night. i got to see one of my old roomies from joplin.  it had been way too long...like since i was about 4 months pregnant.  i LOVE her and so did ellie.  she has baby fever so it worked out for both of them.  johnna's husband (the creeper in the picture of us ;)) is in a band called me like bees and they played on the square before abandon kansas.  we stood pretty far back from the stage for elle and enjoyed being around friends.  michael got to see his old bandmates.  elle liked being around everyone, but was tuckered out and fell asleep in the ergo on me (mommas- i love that thing).  it was a great night even though we got rained on and it was pretty chilly for summertime.  we decided we need to get better at doing more with friends because we have some pretty great ones.


  1. Being from Joplin, I love Me Like Bees. My future sister in law was pretty good friends with them! Small world.

    1. Aw fun! Who's your future sister-in-law? I know Pete and Luke. :)