cute kids.

my friend, anna, commented on someone's picture and it showed up on my mini-news feed on facebook. i checked out her pictures and fell in love. it made me very excited to have kids, someday. check out these adorable pictures. her name is alison eden. glad we have photographers as friends, but it will be a while before we even think about having babies! :)

we want to wait a while, but it will be so fun. my dream would be to stay home and soak in as much time when they're little as possible. i'd love to have a big family, like 4 kids, but michael seems to think 3 would do. and by the time comes, i may agree 100%. my older brother(that lives in dallas & name is also michael) has 4 and it seems to be plenty to handle. so, we'll see. i can't wait to see my family! my parents, younger brother, and sister (along with her husband and 2 adorable kids) only live about 1.5 hours away, but i never make time to visit. this needs to change. i miss them!! time will be well spent next week when i get to go home. and mom is coming up this saturday to do some wedding planning! i just hope this nasty thing of a cold/allergy leaves me soon... sick of being sick. i usually don't write on here, just post pictures and what not. but, i may try to do a little more writing. but, seriously, go check out how beautiful those pictures are!!

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