flower friday.

i'm going to be honest: i did not look at flowers this week.

between having the nasty cold/allergy stuff, homework, and working on the save the dates... i just let time slip by. i did have time to hang out with michael ONE night this past week. no joke. we went from saturday until last night. he was busy and i was sick. i'm not too much the type that likes to be "babied" when i'm sick. i like to sleep and take nyquil. but, he did come over last night and we went to look at some apartments (that are nowhere near being finished) that i have grown to reaaaally like. one problem: we have no idea how much they are since they are new. so, i'm praying they are in a range we can afford. will you pray the same for us?

so, i just googled bridal bouquets. 181,000 results, and no i did not look through all of them....and too many to look at tonight. but, i will tell you one thing, and it is no lie, there will be no fake/"silk" flowers found anywhere in my wedding. unless, possibly in my hair.

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