we did spiritual gifts today at church.
mine are:
HOSPITALITY (my primary)

so, that means i enjoy having people over and fellowshipping. it means i like to make people feel welcome. when michael and i get married we will have dinner parties and such, and it will be fun. i cannot wait to have a place that is all ours (even though it will be an apartment). i really like where i live (with 4 other girls) but i am looking forward to some things.

1. decorating how i choose.
2. getting new household items from showers.
3. living with a certain boy. (my favorite)
4. not having to take a cold shower because i was last to take one.
5. having my own refrigerator... (that's a big one)
6. having friends over for dinner.
7. not having to leave michael at night.
8. our tv.
9. our bed. (his parents bought a new one for him, and it's going to be ours. very comfy)
10. being a wife and doing "wifey" things. :)

i need to study. i get to go home tuesday and i'm so excited!!!
have a happy sunday!

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  1. Hey Lesley! I love your list of things you are looking forward to! I know just where you're coming from! Marriage is great- and I'm excited to have you join the club. When is the wedding again? We will be there!