rain, rain go away......

this picture has nothing to do with this blog, other than i was browsing through design*sponge and saw it and LOVE it. i would probably add a little more color, but i love the island, the blue, and the simplicity. michael would never go for a kitchen like this, he's not a very white person. good thing we have a wonderful relationship in which we know how to compromise.... this kitchen would make my day brighter with a rainy day like today....

i KNOW this rain will help make everything look soooo green and beautiful, but i wish it would rain on a day i had to work and couldn't be outside. mom is coming to town today!!! we have a whole list of things to do, including: a target trip, flea marketing to look for jars, shoe shopping (so i can figure how tall my shoes will be to get my dress altered), driving by to see the progress on the church, putting the stamps on the Save the Dates (send out day is MONDAY), looking around some more for bridesmaid dresses, and finding Easter dresses! i love days with my mom and haven't had a whole day alone with her in a lonnnng time, so i'm greatly looking forward to it. looks like we'll need umbrellas allll day, though!

tomorrow is our final week of starting point. i've enjoyed it, but, in some ways, i'm ready to get back to our small group. michael is playing drums during both services tomorrow. i have such a studly man. later, i'll tell you all about his new approach on eating, working out, and such. it's great.

happy weekend!

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