flea market. twitter. dresses.

i don't work until next wednesday!! hallelujah!!!

today, i am flea marketing with skyler. hopefully we will find some great finds. i'm collecting clear jars of all shapes and sizes, which will be used for the wedding, duh. i wish it felt like spring today so i could wear a cute sundress and sandels, but no such luck. it's chilly.

ok, so what's up with twitter?? i just don't get it. but i guess it's the thing to do. i haven't given in yet, but i'm not going to sit here and say i'll never get one.

we are kind of at a slow point in the wedding planning. i still need to find bridesmaid dresses, but i'm thinking it may be easier later in spring. skyler does wonderful in her bridemaid duties though, she sends me pictures every now and then.

whitney......let's hang out this week!
have a wonderful wednesday!

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  1. Lesley,

    I like that you are collecting jars for your wedding! We are also, except in shades of blue to match our color scheme. I think it is a really great unique and *cheap idea! Great minds think alike. :) Good luck!