spring. spring. spring. spring.

we did personality tests in our starting point class today.  i learned that i am more of a people person than a task person and that i don't mind leadership roles, but would rather someone else do them.  michael and i are helping with the youth, which is fun.  but, the teacher of the class thinks i should help out at the welcome center as well.  i like that we are getting more involved more.  i love my church.

i change favorite seasons with the season.   like, in fall i would say, "fall is my favorite."  today i told michael that spring is my favorite.  and i did not lie.  he told me i would change again in fall.  i have come to the conclusion i'm not changing it.  i'm a spring/summer girl.  :)  it's spring break and i'm going to relax, but also get some stuff done!!
*search for bridemaid dresses more, possibly in kc.
*put stamps on save the dates and send them out.
*flea market (maybe with skyler)
*spring cleaaaaning!!!
*get rid of clothes i don't wear.
*maybe buy some new clothes. :) 
*spend time with friends. sushi,  anna?
*hang with mom and sister.

michael's parents are in italy. i am jealous.
happy spring. :)

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