martha stewart.

our couch will look very similar to the one in the photo. my mom found little tables like the green one at bed, bath and beyond... they were only $10. i may have to try a painting project and paint the brown tables, but i'm not sure if michael would be up for it. also, not sure where we would put them. we are still on the search for apartments. i move out of the house in july, so we have time, but places are filling up their 1 bedrooms. michael is sold on some already and i'm still trying to make up my mind. i'm so ready to be married!!

the martha stewart wedding SPRING issue is out! i'm not a huge fan of the cover.

(although i do love engagement rings), but i'm sure it's filled with wonderful things on the inside. i've browsed a little of the pictures and i do believe i should get me a copy. i need some spring, because all mine wedding magazines are winter.

i'm off to do some homework. booo. can you believe it's already APRIL? happy late april fools. skyler: 2 MONTHS!

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