Passover Sunday

We had a lovely Passover service at church today! Have I said how much I enjoy our church? It's true.

I also had a lovely nap on this awful, windy day. Then, Michael and I watched Marley & Me... such a sweet movie and regardless of the ending, it made me want a dog something fierce.

I haven't even had time to be on here much, a change for me. Friday and Saturday both consisted of: work. We did get to go to Artwalk with Chad and Skyler on Friday.

Now, I think I will clean my room up some, maybe do a Sudoku and go to bed... have to work another 12 hour shift tomorrow.

Oh, and I THINK we have decided on apartments. They are pre-leasing for July, so we turned in applications! We will be happy there. There are a lot of amenities (including a gym which Michael was excited about).

Just a little update. :)

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