what I really want & birthday wish #2

Here we go
Let in the light from my window
Say goodbye to my sorrow

And hello, new day
My soul needed a rescue
A Hero, it had to be You
I know You've changed everything

So I want everyone to know
Everyone to know
I want to tell the world about Your love

I've thrown years away
And every chance to change
It took so much to see my pride
I've thrown punches in the air
Chased after love that wasn't there
I know only You satisfy
To all the broken hearted
The crippled and the weak
We are all invited
To taste and see
To all of those who are searching,
Come find what you seek
It is the Truth that we all
Truth that we all need

Written by Bethany Dillon and Ed Cash
(C) 2009 Birdwing Music (admin. by EMI CMG Publishing) (ASCAP) / Alletrop Music (BMI)

Passion Vine (Brick Body)

Passion Vine (Forest Body)

Peony Lace (Peony Body)

Peony Lace (Lace Body)

I cannot decide which one I would want of these CoclaSac sleeves for my MacBook... that my husband already got me for my birthday. Thank you, husband. I'm really thinking I would go for the Peony Lace (with the lace body, last two pictures)

Oh, and thank you Skyler aka mrs. watson for sharing this with me. She already has one and it is so cute!

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