our week...

So, nothing this week really happened that was "blog worthy"....except the following:

Last night was the first time we actually went out and did something.  We saw Sean Lea at the Hub and then saw Blindside with Dave and his girlfriend.  It was like a Time of Favor reunion.  You missed out Skyler and Ava! :(

Michael is done with finals, so we can actually have some more time to have a life!!  He did really, really well this semester and I'm so proud of all his hard work.  Good job, honey!  And, thank you Jesus for giving me my husband back from all that studying time.

Oh, and I had all the gifts wrapped under the tree and then the water decided to leak so now I have to re-wrap some of them that got wet.  I'm thinking we'll be hunting for a good bargain on a tree right after Christmas this year.  The real tree is pretty, but needs lots of tlc.

I got my hair done, but I'm not crazy about it.  I kinda miss just the dark all over.  I put some blonde in it.  Why am I so indecisive on my hair???

I take back that last night was the first night we did something.  Tuesday night we went and bought new bedding.  We had a couple of gift certificates left and a coupon... so we ended up spending $12 out of pocket for a duvet cover, 2 shams and a bed skirt.  And, it's sooooo cute and comfy.  I love it all.

After we went shopping, we decided to use an Applebee's gift card we got a long time ago.  We did the 2 for 20 special.  We asked some of the trivia on the card on the table and then the assistant manager
came out and explained one of the steaks didn't look big enough so we would only be paying half the price.  So, we got our dinner for 10 bucks and he made new steaks.  We didn't even notice a long wait and wouldn't have cared about the size of steak.  We were already full off the mozzarella sticks.  Oh well, thanks Applebees!  We ended up not using the gift card because we felt bad so we'll go back again probably in like 6 months.

I'm still way bummed out that I have to work on Christmas.... a 12 hour shift.  Oh yeah, and my weekend consists of:  work.  12 hours on Saturday and Sunday, I'm not too thrilled about it.

Ok, something positive to end this long post of just words:
The lights inside our place look so pretty.  They are everywhere and I wish we could keep them up all year round.

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