well, hello!

it's been a while, but we've stayed busy and we were without internet a short time. sooooo.... here's a little of how our Christmas went!  we had Christmas eve with his parents and had a good time visiting with his grandparents.  i had to work ALL day long on Christmas day (i was a bit sad and pretty much let everyone know) and then we drove to my parents.  it snowed a little in springfield, but as we got to seneca ohhhh my!  the roads were not good.  but, we made it safely and surprised my family by coming earlier than they expected.  we got a wii and LOVE playing mario cart. seriously, i love it (even though i'm not great.)  we hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!!

i love going back to my parents.

pretty snow.

my brother being cool.

we had to park at the end of the hill and walk up to my grandparents.
we got some funny, funny videos going back down!

i almost fell on that ice after this picture.

first Christmas as a married couple!

LOVE to be around family!!
 (and my new dress michael bought me for Christmas)

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  1. Being around family is the best.
    Your dress is super cute!