happy friday!

lots to do today... like tackle a big pile of laundry.  joy!  i have to start getting this place spotless so we get a full refund on our deposit.  our closing date is march 23rd (coming up soooo soon) and i keep dreaming up ideas in my head how i want to paint/decorate our new home.  (visit my tumblr to see my inspiration) i'll be sad to leave the lovely downtown springfield and move a little more south than i thought we would.  it sounds silly since we will still be like 10 min from downtown.  but, i'll miss being able to walk everywhere.

oh, and spring i think you need to hurry up and get here.  i can't wait to feel the sun and warm breeze and see all the pretty flowers you bring.

inspiration of the week from some of my daily reads:

mustard yellow typewriter by rachel at smile and wave.
we live in the same town.. so i know i can score some great finds like this.

i think my parents bumpy country roads should have flowers in all the potholes.
found on a cup of jo.

the kitchen will be one of the first things we tackle in our new house.
we're planning on brightening it up by painting the cabinets.
i love design sponge before and afters!

ahhh... i need to paint my nails more and buy some pretty spring colors.
katie at skunkboy creatures:  you've inspired me.

annnd cutest picture of the week is of baby soul.
LOVE it.

what inspired you this week?

have a fantastic weekend!!

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