motion weekend.

i have today and tomorrow off!  yes!  i don't have much planned and i like it that way.  i should probably think about packing at some point.  since we close on the house exactly one month from today!!  oh my goodness!  we don't have to move right away and i think that's why i'm not stressing about packing.  we're planning on getting all the painting and small renovations done before actually moving in.

speaking of houses,  we had a youth thing called motion over the weekend.  we stayed in a beautiful home.  the couple has seven kids so it was nice and big!  it was kind of in the middle of nowhere, but had a lovely big wrap around porch and tunnels downstairs that the boys play in.  i want that someday.  we stayed with the 7th and 8th graders... it was fun!

my husband wouldn't let me take his picture.

haley and lauren.. senior girls that i'll miss next year!

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