a "barn" and a bike.

there are some cute houses in our little neighborhood.  we have a corner lot (which i love) and there is a house across the street and to the left that brings a little smile to my face when i look at it.

you can't really tell from this picture (that i took with my phone) that this house actually looks like a barn.  it's really darling.... from the bricks on the front porch to the big long windows with adorable shutters.  the owner was in & out so i felt awkward taking a picture.  i guess i should have introduced myself!  i think this house makes me feel like i'm home because, after all,  i was raised in the country.

annnnnnd, i want this bike.
i saw it on emalie's blog "ticky tacky"  and have been thinking about getting it.

it's supposed to rain at some point today.  i say: bring it on!  i'm ready for the pollen to go away so i don't have to drive anymore... michael's allergies are bad this time of year so he can't even see to drive at times.  poor guy.


  1. That bike is beeeeeautiful! I really want one, but I am a bit too scared to ride it around campus. There are some serious bikers around here.

    Cute cute house!

    Love your blog!

  2. I can't believe how cheap that bike is. I just got a Schwinn cruiser from Target and it's cuter than that and probably in better condition. Just buy one! It will make you happy.