little bird's nest.

soooo i am majorly sore today!  i did yard work yesterday and let me tell you, i feel it in my arms and legs. it's looking good.... the people living here before had it pretty well landscaped, but they let this one tree get WAY out of hand.  it wrapped itself around our fence and even made it's way up our shutters.  the one thing that we really weren't too thrilled about was how it made it's way up under the siding.  there are two of these trees in our side garden.  it's pretty, but we were tempted to just pull it up completely.

anyone know this monster of a tree/plant's name?

michael was cutting back the other tree from the fence and found a bird's nest.  i was so sad to take away it's home.......  so, i found a new home for it and hopefully the bird's will find it.  :)

i found another bird's nest and i plan on leaving it right where it is for the birds to enjoy.

ALSO... the house across the street just went up for rent?!  anyone in the springfield area looking?  it's super cute!  we're HOPING good renters move in...  preferably a young couple for us to hang out with.

we have pretty flowers growing all over the yard.

it was a good day outdoors... i even played with water guns with my nephew.  he had a blast.

now, we just need a puppy to enjoy our big backyard. ;)

(puppy found on my tumblr.. no original source)


  1. Golden Euonymus,

    that's what my Papa thinks it is. He was in the landscaping business forever. :)

  2. We're only in a little apartment and I feel like I can't keep up with keeping it clean all the time! I can't imagine living in a big house! But I will love it when the time comes.

    The house across from you guys looks cute! If we were in Missouri and were looking, I think I'd have to take a look inside!

  3. That puppy made me melt! It's so cute.

  4. so lovely!!! lovely blog. and that puppy is adorable!