i spy.....

can you spy a BAD dog?
she likes to go back there.  she's smashed my flowers.

they used to be big & full like in this picture.

now, there sits a cute little bench (that michael won. he was like 10)
and SMASHED flowers.
(on a side note.. it won't stop raining so michael hasn't been able to mow.)

but, really.... who could stay mad at a cute little pup full of slobbery kisses?

our millie girl is usually hyper, likes to chew on things & is so playful.
(we've been responsible thus far and haven't lost any shoes)

but, we love her.
we love taking walks with her and 
getting off our bums to play with her instead of just watching tv.
we interact so much more.... i'm thinking we'll keep her. ;)

i really like our big backyard.
have i mentioned that before?

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