weekend project.

we had a wonderful weekend.  it included TWO naps in one day.  glorious. 
my husband worked on a little project while i tackled the office & spare room closets.
can you believe we've been here close to 2 months and i'm still unpacking?

anyways,  these doors used to be wood 
(well, they still are, they are just painted wood now.) 
we're getting good at painting EVERYTHING white 
(i'm going to leave the staircase as is)
& changing everything that is brass/gold
(ie door knobs, hinges).

next, i need to get to painting our tall walls up the stairs and in the hallway upstairs.
i'm almost ready to hire a professional or take any volunteers that love to paint. ;)
and i think i changed my mind on what color to paint it... imagine that.


  1. Your home is super cute. Too bad we don't live closer... we could help paint. :)