my weekend.

it's been a lovely weekend.  i like weekends that don't involve work.  i've been working every other weekend, so i really feel the need to make the most of the ones i have.  don't get me wrong, i love having random days off during the week.  but, weekends are when michael is home and when i see family.

we went to artsfest on saturday to watch my friends dance (they are in a ballet company)... there were SO many dogs and i wish that i would have taken millie.  some of my favorite people drove up to spend the day with me.  (my sister and her two kids, my mom and my aunt)

they loved millie.

mya and millie became BFF's.

michael grilled steaks on our "big green egg"  (which in all reality is TINY)
michael's grandpa collyar is a pretty serious garage sales kinda guy and he finds stuff for us all the time.  
he filled our storage shed with goodies and bought us the egg.but,  eventually we'll have to get a bigger grill.

church was wonderful today.  i love my church family. 
and i went to a baby shower for my friend, Bethany, and her little girl, Storri (due this summer).
it made me get kind of excited for when God shows us it's the time to have a little one.

now, i'm just enjoying sitting on our back porch and watching my puppy play.
thankful we aren't underwater and praying for those in Nashville who are.

how was your weekend?

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  1. Lesley,
    Here are some of my pics of big green egg meals :)

    You have to love BGE, everything is sooo tasty!!!