my two favorites.

last night michael fell asleep before me.... which is becoming a very rare thing.  we always go to bed at the same time, but i'm usually out before him.  when did i become such an old lady???  anyways, last night i couldn't fall asleep and just laid there thanking God for putting such an amazing boy in my life.  he works hard all day and goes to summer classes on his lunch break.  he has a full time job and goes to school full time.  he takes care of the pool.  he mows the yard and takes out the trash.  he usually grills dinner for us when i work. he works on projects around the house. he has a class one day a week for work that lasts 4 hours in the evening.  he plays drums at church usually at least one sunday out of the month. he's busy.  so, this nightly routine of going to bed at the same time (and at a decent time) is something i enjoy.  i like being married.  i'm looking forward to this weekend......we have NOTHING planned and i think it's probably going to be the best weekend i've had in quite some time.

my sweet millie girl is my other favorite.

3 years ago today michael asked me to be his girlfriend at a park in mt. vernon while sitting on a dock.  i was a happy, happy girl and love that i'm still that happy girl.  time flies, but we're having fun.

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