anna's birthday

kourtney had planned a fun day for anna... and anna got to decide what we were going to do.  she had 9 balloons... 3 different colors... each balloon had a piece of paper in it with either a place to eat, a place for dessert, or an activity.  anna popped the balloons and got to decide what we did. (she was supposed to have just 3 choices, but we let her mix and match)

we ate at cheddar's since her boyfriend had plans of sushi that night.

and then we had DQ oreo blizzards.

which were yummy and freee.

because there was a "Blizzard-mobile" at bass pro for the blizzards 25th birthday.
and there were giving out free ice cream and natalie and kourtney had fun dancing.

we spent the rest of the afternoon at a thrift store.
it was a good day.

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