country livin'

i grew up living in the "country" and always pictured myself living in the city.  i love our home now, but sometimes i dream of how it would be living somewhere that is a little more "secluded."  somewhere that is surrounded by trees and maybe a wide open field.  (kind of like the picture above)  i can't imagine michael or myself being farmers, by any means.  but, to spend time walking around and seeing God's beautiful creations in a natural environment on a daily basis would be pretty nice and relaxing.

we did our pre-marital counseling at a place in the country (randy copeland's "hidden bluff")  and i looked forward to those thursday nights of driving out to the middle of nowhere with michael and just enjoying the scenery and the conversations.  we'd sit on the screened-in back porch... sipping on tea while talking openly with randy about what a Godly marriage is all about and what we expected our marriage to be like.  i treasure those thursday evenings.  so peaceful. we need to make a trip out there soon.

maybe i need take millie on the trails down the street from our place and maybe that would help my crazy idea of someday living on crazy amounts of acreage.  maybe our camping/float trip coming up soon will help. maybe i should visit back home more often and ride my horse.

i think i may have a case of summer fever and wanting to be outside.  all. the. time.
(that makes it hard for me to want to stay in and do any amount of cleaning, cooking, and painting our hallway)

by the way,  randy's mom, lori copeland, is a writer and has over 95 books published.  she writes Christian romance novels.

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