last night.

last night we had a get together with our life group.   we do every thursday night, but last night it was a fun time of just visiting and, of course, eating.  we love our little family in the life group.  i'm kind of mad at myself because i didn't take one. single. picture.  but, that's ok!  we'll have plenty more times to do that.

i made bbq baked beans from the pioneer woman's recipes... it was pretty good!  when we got home the dishes were still there to be done.  so, i started doing them.  michael and millie were just playing and then michael said "where's the camera?!"  (that doesn't happen too often.)  he thought millie watching me do the dishes was so cute. ;)  it kind of made me realize even more how good of a dad this man will be someday.  it's the little things, right?

she sits on command.

she's getting TOO big.

she shakes like a little lady.
and i make kissy faces?

she lays down... most of the time when you tell her.

she loves to dance and loves her dad.

looking at these pictures make me realize a few things:
1.  i need to get a curtain for the window above the sink.
2.  i'm glad we have that window.
3.  i can't wait for new countertops.
4.  our new tile michael and my dad did looks good.
5.  i'm SO short.
6.  my husband is tall.
7.  my husband is cute.
8.  i'm glad we didn't paint the cabinets...
9.  but, glad we changed the hardware.
10.  i'm ready for michael to be finished with stressful school so that book bag doesn't keep showing up places... like my kitchen.


  1. Lesley, what's Michael going to school for? Are you in school? Just realized I didn't know this, even with all my blog reading! :)

  2. he's getting a marketing degree and will be done in the spring. i'm a college "drop out" for now. haha. too much with us both working full time and going to school. i'm glad we went ahead and got married... no matter what some people think. :) my degree was heading towards early childhood development. i may or may not go back soon... we may just have our own kids and then i'll put my knowledge so far to that. haha. we'll see. i don't talk too much about work on here. it's my get-away from it.