still "newlyweds"

we went on a camping trip over the weekend... and we were the youngest couple there.  it was good to be with friends and it made me excited to see how our marriage will grow over the years.  in less than a month we'll be married for one whole year.  it's been a good year. i love my husband and my life.

i like looking at our wedding photos from time to time and our photographer let me know one of them popped up in the 417 Bride 2010 Summer magazine.

more on camping later. :)  we're laying on the couch, watching 50 first dates,  and millie is chewing on a bone.  life is good.


  1. I miss camping! We used to camp all the time when we lived in Oregon, but since moving here to Georgia, life hasn't been quite the same (in good ways). Piper has yet to go camping. Hopefully we'll have a chance to go before school starts back...

  2. it's a lot of fun! i bet it was beautiful in oregon. you're little piper would probably love it. :)