long lost friends.

So,  you know those friends that you hang out with all the time and you call your "best friend" and then something changes.... like you move or you get a boyfriend (whom you eventually marry).... and you don't see/talk to them nearly as much as you should.  well, my goal is to keep better contacts with those friends.  i've made new friends where i live now and friends that are very dear to me.  but,  i miss those old friends!

kylee, johnna and crystal get ready because we're hanging out soon!

me. kylee. crystal.  back in the day.

tara (i need to call her too) johnna. me. kylee. :)

wonderful past roomies.

crystal. me. johnna.... what were we thinking?!

crystal loves me!

she lives in springfield now... so we have NO excuses.

johnna. me. kylee at my shower.  (they wore my colors. :))

kylee was my bridesmaid!  

i got to hang out with my dear friend, carrie the other day.. thanks for coming to see me!
we spent the day at the pool just laying out and talking.

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