away we go.

chad, sean and my handsome husband.

the wedding was lovely and it was so good to be around friends!  michael got to hang out with all the guys from the band. skyler and i always have a fun time just talking.  and i am a horrible person because i didn't take one single picture of the bride and groom.

after the wedding we hung out with the watsons and watched "away we go".... it was a neat movie, but was a little dirty and dropped the f-bomb frequently.  so, i wouldn't highly recommend it.  their apartment is adorable though and it was fun to be around those two.  skyler:  we NEED to hang out more!

it was a good (but exhausting) weekend.... a wedding and two birthday parties.  i think it's bedtime. :)


  1. sweet post, and I LOVE the new header!! Where did you find the font?

  2. agreeeed on the movie. if they got rid of the overly used f bomb i would've been so much better. but the soundtrack to that movie is amazing.

  3. thanks girl! it's just from it's rough tuscan. :)