happy birthdays.

it seems like SO many of my family members have a birthday around this time.

amber (sister-in-law)   & justin (cousin): august 14
coy (brother): august 15
mark (dad-in-law) & kadin (cousin): august 16

that's FIVE birthdays in three days. goodness.  we were cheap this year and bought michael's dad a pin (he collects them) from a museum in kc and we bought my brother car air fresheners because he just got a new car.

so, happy birthday everyone!  love you all!

yesterday we went to church (early because michael played drums), then drove to joplin for coy's party at red lobster, then went to my dad's office for cake/ice cream, then drove back to springfield a couple of hours later for mark's birthday party where we had yummy fajita's and more cake/ice cream.

his "healthy" cake.

our grandparents :)

(the usual) big sister saying:  stop being so goofy.

it only takes about an hour from joplin to springfield but we were TIRED.  and millie was HYPER (we let her out between events).  so, today i'm taking it easy with millie and hoping i'll have some good news later. :)

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