babies. babies. and some more.

it seems like everyone in the blog world (that i read almost daily) and in my world is pregnant or recently had a baby.  so many babies due soon in our life group.... and i'm pretty excited about it.  michael will be done with school in the spring... i'm just sayin'...  the thought has crossed my mind a couple of times. ;)

enough baby talk.

i finally got to hang out with my dear friend, crystal (who is not preggo). i just love that girl.  and kadi is a pretty big fan too.

photo from a couple of years ago.

i'm not a fan of michael's night classes. sitting here watching tv without him just isn't the same.

this is a completely random post... but i kind of feel like this is how my head has been all day long. thinking about so many different things.

i keep having dreams (as in we live there and it's decorated SO adorable.) about the house we ALMOST tried to buy. that house was so cute. it's perfect in my dreams. but, in real life: the kitchen was tiny, the basement leaked water, it was a one car garage, the closet space was lacking, it was a short sale. it was top of our budget. it wasn't for us.



  1. have a baby!! it's the best!!

  2. haha, thanks for that advice paige!! i'll tell my husband you said so. :)

  3. Once you have them you can't get rid of them! ;) On the other hand... I would have someone to make baby gifts for!