dinner with the gordon's.

we've decided we need to have more dinner parties.  we've decided we need to have friends over more, just in general.  however.... i think i might need to teach my husband a thing or two first.

we eat pretty unhealthy dinners on the days i work (luckily only 2-3 times a week).  working from 6:30 in the morning until 7 at night is TIRING.  so, when i get home i don't exactly feel like cooking or even thinking about what to eat.  michael tries to help out from time to time.  tuesday night he decided sloppy joes and fries sounded good.  i come home from work and see him at the stove through the window.... so cute.  he tells me he has it under control and by the time i get out of the shower it will be done.  i said, "are you sure?" and he said "i think i can handle sloppy joes" and then i said (knowing he forgot something) "where's the meat?" and he said "OH MAN."  it was quite funny and adorable.  then, last night he called and said to pick up chinese.  so i didn't argue.  we were eating (on tv trays in front of the television i KNOW it's terrible) and before i knew it michael's whole thing of chicken fried rice was in his lap.  rice everywhere.  i ended up vacuuming him with our wonderful little vacuum.  i was laughing so hard and he wasn't.

we're having a LOT of people over soon.... to watch a football game.  so, i wake up this morning and see post-it notes everywhere of things michael wants to do in the house before our guests come over.  funny man.

football & fall... i'm excited.

now i have to go clean up a muddy, stinky dog.


  1. I want to have more dinner parties too. Have you ever seen the British show "Come Dine With Me"? It inspires me to cook fancy for my friends.

  2. i've never heard of it! i'll have to look into it. i'm definitely not a fancy cook! ;)