it's ok to be lazy.

we were pretty lazy yesterday. it was just what we needed. things are about to get crazy around here again.  michael's fall classes will be starting soon, he's starting a new position at work (which we are both very excited about), and i'm going to be taking a fun class on monday nights (which i'm pretty excited about) plus job hunting.  i'm blessed to have lots of breaks and some down time to do as i please, but michael has been going to school non-stop full time (he took fall, Jan-term, spring AND summer classes) and working full time so he NEEDED that break.  he'll be done with his marketing degree in the spring and i'm a proud little wife!  he may be finishing a little after he would have liked to... but i'm super glad he traveled with the band (time of favor) or i may have never met my drummer boy.

our surprise when we came home was this painting from michael's mom: 

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  1. I LOVE that painting. She did a beautiful job! That's so sweet!