our monday

ok, this is the final post of our mini-vaca!

we spent monday at worlds of fun, but probably should have chose oceans of fun because it was HOT outside and pretty miserable.  good thing there are mist fans and a couple of water rides at worlds of fun.  i love roller-coasters, however, i tend to get motion sickness on a select few rides...... i forgot this one tornado-like ride got me every single time i've been on it.  it was the third one we got on.  so, i was pretty much done for the rest of the day.  i was a good sport and rode a couple more, but when i started to feel like i could pass out.... i was reaaally done.  poor husband rode a few on his own. we had some dip&dots...which made things a little better, got a funny cartoon drawn of us...it doesn't really resemble us BUT it was fun.  michael isn't a fan of the long neck.  it was (for the most part) a fun day, but i was happy to be heading home!  we got a surprise when we arrived home!! i'll share later on that.

i PROMISE i've done other things besides blog today.  michael goes back to work tomorrow (booo) so today we took it pretty easy.  we relaxed by his parents neighborhood pool and watched some hilarious kids make up fun games, went grocery shopping (i loooove going to the store with him because then i'm not all by myself), and even stopped at an antique store up the street.  the rest of the day was spent playing with millie, eating chick-fil-a, sitting around on our computers, eating pizza, and watching "old dogs" (funny, but kinda cheesy).

tomorrow i get to spend part of the day with the lovely miss anna kicker!  i love friend time!

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  1. It sure sounds like you had a fun day at worlds of fun. I had a really good day fishing. Bob and I went down to saleboat bridge fishing. we spent the day in about 30ft of water(that is where we found the fish)it seem to be the best placce that day.I got Bob to put up the top cover and it was pretty nice in the shade (it was just 98)but we did have a nice wind till about noon then it got dead still, for about thirty menites. (can't spell)all in all it was a really good fishing day for two old boys in their 80+ days. Keep up the good work and that will make my day. Love you Grandpa Bill