we had a fun 4 day weekend away.  we celebrated our first year of marriage in kansas city on the plaza.  my husband was super sweet the entire time (not that he's not always sweet, but he was extra sweet.)  the first year of marriage is said to be tough by some, but we pretty much came to the conclusion it was cake and we hope every continues to get better and better.  we lived downtown, then we bought a house, we got a dog and made her our baby, he got a promotion, i've discovered more of what i'd like to do with my life, we became friends with a lot of married "folk" and we both grew together and as individauls and, most importantly, in Christ. i'm telling you:  it was a gooood year.

sorry for the PDA in advance... clearly, we're in love.

he's such a funny, funny man.


  1. Aww that sounds like such a sweet weekend. Happy Anniversary!! You two look adorable together <33

  2. you guys are so cute!!! yah, you know, marriage is awesome. I totally agree with you-- my first year of marriage was pretty much the best year of my life. yay for marriage.