our saturday.

we stayed at the intercontinental hotel on the plaza.  we took a walk to the plaza pretty early....nothing was open yet, so i guess we thought it was a good idea to dance with the sculptures?  then, we shopped until we thought our bank account said we should probably stop.  (side note:  neither of us are really big spenders... we like to save our money) we had some kc bbq (fantastic) and then went to a world war I museum.  he was excited.  i tried to be a good sport.  i did like the lovely flowers as we walked across the floor.  michael's sister gave us a gift card for christmas to the movies, but it didn't work here so we went to the movies and saw "dinner with the schmucks".  anyone seen it yet??  it was funny, but it was the type that made me mad because everyone just goes wrong!  we watched it in style though (recliners, dinner, waitress, etc) and it was kind of fun.  we don't have theaters like that in springfield!  it was a fun day.

by the way, my puppy doesn't really look like a puppy anymore.... she's getting biiiiig.

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