sweet tea, please.

i woke up to loud thunder... it was pretty much the best.

but, even better than that....
when i checked my email this morning i saw this:
I have tried to write on your blog and can't figger out how to .  I really think you are doing a good job with the blog. I read it every day, so keep it up.

Grandpa Bill

today i'm going to have lunch and watch a movie (i'll share more about it later)
with a lovely friend, skyler watson.  she is an amazing party-thrower.  she did my personal shower for me... and those cakes were AMAZING.

hope your thursday is turning out as good at mine!


  1. Your grandpa is sweet! And I agree, your blog is great. Looks like a wonderful shower :)

  2. i love your new blog layout! super cuuute.

  3. you're too kind! i can't believe that that shower was over a YEAR ago!