wedding week: the ceremony.

our wedding ceremony was perfect to me.  there were tears, but there were more smiles and laughs.... especially after my three year old nephew YELLED amen after one of the prayers.  i'm so glad all our friends and family were there to witness such an important commitment michael and i made to each other that day.  on the day of the wedding i suddenly became less worried about all the decorations and all the expectations i had from looking at other weddings during our planning process.  i wanted the wedding to be "us" and to be about us, not about those that were there... yes, we wanted them to enjoy the day... but it was our day.  i felt pretty.  i felt comfortable.  i felt happy.  i felt God's blessings.  i felt confident. i felt loved.

and a picture a friend took:

i was vein-popping happy to be mrs. michael gordon.

(the song the bridesmaids and i walked down the isle to.  
now heard in a depression commercial...haha)

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