food + new (old) friend

(dinner about eight hours ago...
oh and garden salsa sun chips are wonderful.)

i get stuck when it comes to dinner sometimes.  i try to plan weekly meals so it's easier to grocery shop and so we're less tempted to eat out all the time.  but, sometimes i feel like we eat the same things over and over and over.  i need some new ideas.  tonight we had a nice "fall" meal....  pot roast, carrots, potatoes.  what are some of your favorite meals to make?  any pointers on blogs/sites with lots of gooood recipes?

today i went to "the cup" with a new (old) friend.  i had a pumpkin spiced cupcake with delicious buttercream icing.  seriously, SO good...  so good that i forgot to take a picture before we ate them.

my new (old) friend is mrs. erin greene.  this girl loves Jesus and is so sweet!  it was nice to talk and catch up.  i'm thinking she'll be showing up on this blog some more. :)  it's nice to find new (old) friends!  i keep saying new (old) because i met erin about three years ago before michael and i started dating.  we hung out a couple of times, but i still lived in joplin and then she moved away for a boy.  now she's married to that boy and they moved back to springfield. it was fun to talk as two married women that both kind of have slight baby fever.  we decided we're going to have babies around the same time and they'll be best friends.

over three years ago with our candy "friendship" necklaces...
heather, me, karissa, erin, kacie. :)

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  1. highly suggest you go here:
    for recipes. i know i'm biased because she's my mom, but realllly best cook ever with the best recipes ever.