negatives into positives.

my husband and i usually fall asleep around 10:30 at night (we're at least in bed watching tv... yes, we have a tv in our room... some advise against this.) and we're usually early risers.  i haven't always been a morning person, but since we got married i like getting up when he leaves for work and get things done.  my saturdays off are different.  i like to sleep in a little (at least til 8-8:30) but today he was wide awake at 7:15 and thought i should be too.  i didn't feel like i had slept well the night before (might have something to do with the monster coke i had at the terrible movie we saw the night before).  i got up anyways.  we planned on going to silver dollar city today because we bought season passes a while back. it was just the two of us... it was nice.  i needed some major time with my husband away from the house... his school... and just other responsibilities.  we ate a giant chili dog and then decided to ride wildfire two times, powder keg (launches Riders From 0-53 Mph In 2.8 Seconds), and the giant swing all in a row.  barf.  i felt gross after this and i think my attitude was starting to show it.  we went into all the little shops, had a funnel cake (i know, i know) and then decided it was time to go home after visiting grandfather's mansion.  i promise i'm not preggo (at least that i'm aware of!)  that would be the funnel cake's fault.... ugh!



i talked (whined) my way into stopping at target on the way home (which wasn't really on the way) to get a fall wreath.  michael stayed in the car.  i ran in and got one.  we got home and both were not feeling well from our lovely food.... but you know what?  it was a BEAUTIFUL day out... seriously felt like fall!  i love riding roller coasters with my husband with our hands up in the air the whole time.  funnel cakes are seriously so good.  my wreath looks really pretty.  i took a tiny nap.  we've been cuddling on the couch and still spending that time we need together.  i love my life.

p.s. my apologies for the novel.


  1. I loooove funnel cakes! That looks so freakin' good!

  2. I love this post!! Such a window into your life :)
    You need to have a baby, seriously. It sounds like it's time. Just go for it! I promise you won't regret it!!

  3. mandy- if you were there i would have given you the half we couldn't eat... i wanted to find someone to give it to, but thought someone might find it a little strange!

    paige- ok, i will... if you'll have another ;)