(SO weird to see my husband in a baseball cap)

we watched the game at the in-laws last night and it didn't get over until after midnight...such a late game!  my husband was a happy, happy man.  the chiefs actually won!  i think it's all because of the awesome joe montana jersey i wore.... which happened to be michael's when he was a kid.  yes, i'm very short and petite and probably the size michael was when he was like 10.  i always told my mom that i'd marry a tall boy so that our kids will have a chance for some height.  and i did.

speaking of kids...and babies....i graduated high school five (almost six) whole years ago and was thinking about who has had a baby from my close group of friends and only one girl has!  i always knew whitney would be the first to get married and the first to have a baby.  her little girl, jaycee is just precious and i wish they wouldn't have moved away to portland!
photo by janae.

my birthday is next month and i'll be 24 (which is crazy and hard for me to believe) so you better believe i've had baby on the mind every now and then.  mostly because we would like to have 3 or 4... :)  we live in springfield, mo... home of elsie and rachel (most of the blog world knows who they are) and the new red velvet shop opens up on my birthday.  it's made counting down the weeks a lot easier because i see countdowns on their blogs/tweets.  i might have to stop in and get a cupcake and a vintage treat for myself.... or go with a group of girls.  skyler, you in?
new windows for Autumn....
source. old rva shop.


  1. dude! I am so jealous that you live near that shop! and every time I see the word 'baby' in one of your titles, I think you are breaking the news. you definitely have them on the brain, which is a sweet and special time. you'll be a great mom :)

  2. i guess i do :) someday i'll break the news on here, but it probably won't be for a little while. but, when i do, i guarantee you'll know from the title what it's about... it will probably be in all capitals with a bunch of explanation points. ;)

  3. This is so beautiful! I love kids, kids make my life so much brighter!

  4. That shop looks great! I turned 24 earlier this year, too... It has been the greatest year of my life so far... 24 is a good year i think because you no longer are in that crazy finding yourself stage, like you are in your early 20's, but at the same time you are still a significant ways away from 30. I think 24 is a really good year to just feel comfy in your own skin. And it's a very good year to start havin' babies. ; )

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog yesterday! It made my day.


  5. Love the shoutout! You will be a great mom. While you're waiting though, 1. SLEEP as much as possible! 2. TRAVEL a ton (it's a lot more interesting when you have a wee one). It sure is great though!

  6. you have the cutest little blog! :)
    is one of your old roomies anna?! gosh, i love that girl! we both went to first baptist for as long as i can remember, and then she moved to springfield :(
    but, yes! go see Cats!!

  7. mandy: i agree 24 seems like a good year to start. congrats to you!

    whit: i would "shout out" more, but you left me! i wish i could have gotten the chance to hang out with you two more when you lived so close.

    haley: thanks & yes!! i love her, too! one of my best friends.. she was in my wedding! :)