couch potatoes+cans of pumpkin.

i'm not going to lie...we are total couch potatoes tonight.  it's kind of nice.  michael has late class on mondays and tuesdays, so i don't mind sitting next to him all night watching tv and relaxing.  don't mind it one bit.  it would be a little more relaxing if i didn't have a 50 lb lab trying to sit right on top of me... her favorite place to sit.

oh, and if you like pumpkin (muffins, pie, cookies, bars...etc.) i hear there's a shortage so you better go get some cans while ya can.  i have a very reliable source. quoted from mrs. watson's twitter:  "Just read that IL, the producer of 95% of canned pumpkin in the U.S. had a too wet, too cloudy summer. Hence the shortage." & "Libby's, which produces 87% of canned pumpkin, has 6 cans left, which sit in the marketing director's office."

i stocked up on some and plan on making lots of pumpkin muffins very soon.

ps... can you believe it's already the middle of september!?  seems like it JUST began.


  1. I've been a couch potato tonight too...and my 80 pound dog loves to sit on laps as well. But we usually push him off - he's just TOO big ;)

  2. A pumpkin shortage?? That is no bueno. Pumpkin pie is definitely one of my fall favorites!!

    I'm a new follower but long time lurker, I love your blog!

  3. carlotta: our dog will probably be there one day. i feel like 50 lbs is already TOO big. :)

    miss wendy: i know, sad. so nice to have you here. :)

  4. A shortage of pumpkin? Are you serious? I need to go stock up so I can reach my pumpkin food quota this fall.

  5. If there's a shortage of pumpkins this year then I better get started! I have plans for lots of pumpkin pie.